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Kay Hodgson
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Some succeed because they are destined.

Others succeed because they are determined.

Let CB help you succeed
CB Fitness was established in 2009 with the aim to train clients for fitness with Boxing and kicking  drills.
CB students will learn how to throw a punch or kick effectively and technically regardless if you are training to get fit or to fight.

Technique is a priority and the trainers will ensure each punch or kick is delivered effectively whilst still maintaining your cardio output. 
CB Fitness prides itself on being one of the FIRST Boxing for Fitness gyms in Ballarat and is a name you can trust your fitness with.
Our Purpose built facilities are ranked extremely high with notable facilities that include:
# Custom Built Raised 6x6 metre Boxing Ring
# 9 Boxing Bags
# Spin bikes & Assault Bike
# Kids play area
# 3 Weightlifting Platforms & a Set of Jerk Boxes
# Competition Graded Weightlifting Bumper Plates
# Competition Graded Olympic Weightlifting Barbells
# Strongman Equipment including 2 Stand or Submit Logs, Rogue Deadlift Bar, Yoke, Atlas Stones, Farmers Carry, Kegs, Stand or Submit Monster Dumbbell, Sleds, Duck Walk Handle, Sandbags & Very Large Tyres
# Reception Area stocking a variety of clothing and boxing gear
Pre Season Training
One on One Training
Spin Class
Boxing for fun and fitness for all ages

Young and old

​Its not too early or too late to learn and have some fun!
Family Sessions
Kids Class
Group Classes
Group Private Sessions

" Always welcoming, great fun, lots of laughs and sweat